What to do in case of death

By contacting directly the staff of the agency of the Misericordia for funeral services in Livorno at the following telephone number 0586897319 active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays, a manager will reach you as soon as possible .


The staff is highly qualified and with proven professional experience is able to offer a complete and exhaustive response to every request.

It can help you make the most appropriate choices with discretion and delicacy, respecting your wishes and the wishes of the deceased.


Death in a private home

For deaths occurring in the home, it is necessary to contact our staff who will be immediately available for dressing the body and will also issue the necessary documentation for the ascertainment of death to be filled in by the attending physician.
The home is not always the most suitable place to receive the participation of acquaintances and friends.


The agency is available to family members and relatives for funeral transport in Livorno and the setting up of the funeral home in mortuary or farewell rooms.

Death in a health facility

For deaths in hospital, it is necessary to contact or go directly to our office for the organization of the funeral service.

"Be wary of company officers who contact you directly at home and in health facilities and do not accept funeral agency addresses provided by health personnel, as this is prohibited by law."


Death in public places

A very delicate and complex circumstance that involves several competent bodies (judicial, health, municipal and police bodies). The staff is always ready to help manage all legal procedures regarding the case.


If in possession of the necessary authorizations, the body can be immediately moved from the place of death to the morgue.

Death abroad

This circumstance can involve the involvement of Consulates , Embassies or Prefectures , depending on the country where the death occurred.


Get in touch with our Livorno funeral transport staff, it is our pleasure to arrange a meeting at our office, where the repatriation of your loved one will be organized following all international procedures and regulations.