Misericordia Funeral Directors

A quality commitment to advise and protect you

ICREM, for over ten years, has been operating throughout the national territory, providing citizens with information relating to the protection of funeral wills, providing for the performance of the same thanks to the ICREM Points, as organizational structures of funeral services.

ICREM with its staff offers concrete and legal solutions to protect the will:
destination ashes

(Law 130/2001 provisions on cremation, dispersion of ashes in kind, entrustment, burial in the cemetery)

ICREM offers the opportunity to prepay the funeral wishes through various pension formulas, guaranteeing every citizen that everything will be done in compliance with their choices, thus freeing the family from all administrative and financial duties.


"Express your wishes ... faithfully realizing them is my job!"

The ICREM Consultant, in the person of Cristian Del Vivo, is at the disposal of the citizen who wishes to receive information and deposit his own Funeral Will, Holographic Testament for cremation and destination ashes, organizing funeral ceremonies respecting in detail every decision made in life spontaneously and in the full of his own mental faculties.


ICREM contact person
Cristian Del Vivo